Saturday, July 2, 2016

Blacks are the new racists

Suspected this for a long time, and here it is folks. Blacks and minorities are MORE racist than whites.

This New York Post article shows how private schools in New York are indoctrinating young white kids from the impressionable age of 6 on up to feel guilty for being born into "White Privilege" while segregating and providing special treatment and rewards for black kids.........because they are black?

Here is the link to the article.

 I would love to ask Ms. Wahi of the Banks Street School for Children if she truly feels the solution to racism is simply to reverse the color being discriminated against?

Under her guidance she is teaching and promoting racism, implementing segregation, and simply causing hurt and pain to the other side.

Anshu Wahi is not white, nor black, but is of a minority group. Which I'm sure qualifies her to understand racism so well. Alright, so lets put the shoe on the other foot Ms. Wahi. Now you are discriminating against whites. This isn't new.

In fact whenever I, your prototypical "white privileged" male apply for a job, I answer a question designed to find out if the company will get tax benefits by hiring me.

The answer is NO! However should they hire a Hispanic, a black, or any other minority, the Government pays the company money. Yeah tell me more about "white privilege."

So who is really be discriminated against in this country? Who is really fostering racism? And everyone who wants to talk about how whites are racist, we fought one of the bloodiest, ugliest, wars in our Nation's history, father against son, which resulted in freedom for slaves of all colors.

So please don't ask for an apology because blacks like every other race in the world have been slaves. Instead I'll take the Thank You that my white ancestors died fighting in a civil war in which slavery was abolished.

Furthermore, since it's been 151 years (roughly) since blacks were enslaved, the only reason I can think they still ride this bandwagon is for government benefits, for a sympathy line, or to be able to feel justified in persecuting "whitey".

Well grow up. Racism, whether against Blacks, Hispanics, or Caucasians, is wrong. It's time this country began actually being equal and fair to all colors rather than simply reversing who benefits from the contention.

Until it does, and people are told to suck it up when they cry "discrimination", "unfair!" just to get a job, benefits, or to get someone else silenced like petulant children, this country will continue to be racist and unfair. All that will have changed is the color being discriminated against.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Herambe Gorilla teaches 4-year boy that Disney isn't real life

After you read the articles about this incident at the Cincinnati Zoo it would be easy to get caught up in the outrage of killing an endangered animal, despite that it was done to save a little boys life.

However this nicely highlights a social weakness in America, and to some credit, there is backlash against the boy's mother who you can hear in the video calling inanely "Mommy loves you! Be calm!" as the terrified child is being drug around by the Gorilla in a water filled moat 15' below.

Hmmm.......does mommy love him? Easy to say when fearing for your child's life, but obviously not enough to be unpopular to her son.

Why do you say that? you might ask.

Well it's quite simple. Witnesses report hearing the boy and his mother having an argument, the boy saying "I'm going to go in", the mother saying "No you're not". Well we know who won that argument right?

Well how does this prove my point? Simply, at four years old I never argued with my mother. Many years ago when corporal punishment was still in school our father had invented something his class respectfully called "The Wingbanger".

Schools banned corporal punishment however it never left my family. As a four year old my mother's word was law, there was no question of disobeying.

Other parents admired my mother so much for having such well behaved children! they even sent their kids to be somehow magically "fixed" by her! Ridiculous but true.

 So the problem isn't going to be solved by a lawsuit, nor by higher more 4 year old resistant walls. The problem parents need to face, is loving their child enough to discipline them at the first sign of disobedience. Otherwise your child may one day play Tarzan like a spoiled Disney brat. And when he finds out it ain't fun like in the movies, who's he going to hold responsible in his eyes? 

Parents are responsible for teaching children boundaries, teaching them right and wrong, and about consequences. Yes it's unpopular to make your little kid unhappy when they have done something wrong but grow a backbone because if you don't this is exactly the type of thing that happens.

You want to know why there is so many problems in America? You can blame schools, blame drugs, blame promiscuous Hollywood movies, blame black people, blame white people, churches, religion, gays and straights! You can make excuses for anything! However the most common denominator, we all had is parents.

Some parents just want to be their child's "friend" while other are made of sterner stuff with foresight and conviction that it is entirely their responsibility for a child's actions and upbringing and will do whatever it takes to teach the child sensibility, morals, right from wrong, obedience, and consequences.

Those who don't, are leaving it up to the 400+ pound Gorillas in life.    

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Flaw in American Democracy

The Flaw in American Democracy

We live in a great nation with many liberties and freedoms, yet I would contend that without strong determined leadership of the type which often gets politicians tarnished with the disparaging moniker of "King" or Despotic ruler, our nation is nothing more than a sordid mass of special interests groups trying to get their share of the pot like vultures tearing meat from a carcass. 

Making unpopular decision in America has long been the source of many many problems with our system of democracy. In a popularity contest one inevitably makes sacrifices to retain their position correct?

For instance Franklin D. Roosevelt president leading into World War II showed his desire to support England in her time of peril against the Nazi's in many ways, but as Winston Churchhill put it, Roosevelt was up for re-election and in desiring to avoid looking like a War Monger, limited America's involvement to selling arms and supplies to Britain. 

Dec 2nd 1940 Some 50 Destroyers were transferred to Britain in the "Destroyers for Bases" Deal

How many people died because America's popularity contest discouraged a sitting president from making an unpopular decision?

"King" Obama in recent years avoided going into Syria's civil war,  despite reports of chemical weapons being used on civilians he kept moving the "line in the sand," further back. That country has suffered many many years now because no one wanted to make an unpopular decision. Thank heaven for dictators like Vladimir Putin right? 

Vladinir Putin

No that's is not the point. To go that route would be throwing the baby out with the bath water and completely giving the Founding Father's the proverbial finger. 

So what is the problem with our system? What did the Founding Father's have in mind for American leaders when they crafted the outlines of this great nation? 

Part of the answer I feel is in and understanding of a broad range of American history. I think of John Adams who I consider the first democratically elected president our nation had.

 (You could argue that George Washington really wasn't the first elected president due to the fact that his peers felt like he should have the honor of being the first President due to his achievements in the American Revolution, ergo he really didn't have any competition)

During the Adams administration there was a period when popular pressure to declare war on France was so high, men were marching past Adams willing to volunteer for a war he did not desire. Yet in a political maneuver of sheer brilliance and years of hard word, Adams negotiated continued peace with France while appeasing the popular cry for blood. 

This is not a man who had any fear of opposing popular demand. Or perhaps he had such great fear of it, but being principled enough to resist the temptation to give in to something he felt was not in the best national interests, that he found a clever alternative.  

Readers of history, especially political, may disagree with my view. As Napoleon Bonaparte said, "History is the version of the past that people have decided to agree upon".

Despite your leanings, John Adams intentions are clear in his statement of:  "There is one thing I would like to be remembered for more than anything else. I gave myself the task of making peace with France. And I succeeded."

How does this tie in? To put it bluntly these are men who opposed the popular opinion. They saw what needed to be done and then lent themselves to the task even to the point of committing treason and sentencing themselves to death. 

John Hancock himself in a brilliant move of one upsmanship and to encourage his peers signed the Declaration of Independence to King George with such flourish he became a legend. Signing your name to a document of secession is a very unpopular decision. 

Yet these are the men who framed our Nation. So if you wonder why our nation is having problems ask yourself, do we have in office the caliber of men and women with the fortitude to make unpopular decisions for the good of the nation even should it cost them their lives let alone their position as a Congressman, Senator, Mayor, Governor etc? 

I would content not. And without men and women strong enough to bear the unpopular monikers, principled enough to resist temptations to pander to popular out cry, our nation is doomed. Simply because the framework was developed by men who risked their lives by becoming Traitors in order to be called Patriots.  

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Is allowing LGBT people restroom choice discrimination against heterosexuals?

Is allowing LGBT people restroom choice discrimination against heterosexuals?

In North Carolina there is a fight on as to if LGBT members should be able to choose whatever restroom they choose. Okay so lets not discriminate and let them have the freedom to choose right?

So when does giving LGBT people the power to choose become encroachment upon someone else's choice? I do not choose to be bysexual, transgender, nor gay. But were I to walk into a Charlotte restroom and be followed in by a woman claiming to be transgender, when does her choice violate my privacy?

Harp please on how you can't discriminate! it's WRONG! As a nation how much power do you want to give to this band wagon? Lets take this to the extreme. Do you want told that you must have sex with your own gender because other wise it's discrimination right? Well isn't your choice of sexual partners also discrimination? It is, is it not? Oh but having sex has to be consensual. But apparently requiring your consent doesn't extend to who you bake cakes, make wedding arrangements, and take a dump with. Fine!

If we're going to make it the law of the land that LGBT members can choose to enter either a male or female bathroom, lets just get rid of those nasty discriminating bathroom signs! Lets just make it so Everyone does there business in "The Restroom" men and women together, no discrimination, no one gets to choose, you get to decide to go now or wait till you get home. Sound good?

How do you LGBT supporters like that idea? I think it's incredibly fair and consistent.

Otherwise if you disagree you are just trying to give LGBTs MORE power than those who aren’t. When does THAT become discrimination? Heterosexuals follow socially accepted rules, but unless they claim to be a special LGBT snowflake, they don’t get choose.  Is that not discrimination? Example: Straight guy walks into girls restroom where there is an "LGBT" male, how long before you hear the LGBTs saying the straight guy is violating their privacy because he is in a women's restroom? 

Pish what rubbish you may say.......but that is eventually were it leads. People will ride the discrimination and racism wagon till it's exactly reversed, then they will want to argue for the old privacy rules after they get their special exemption.

I’m all for being socially progressive. Lets get rid of those sexually discriminating restrooms! This way it will be fair and safe for everyone! And no girls will have to worry about a perv abusing them because there will be young men, old men, and young women and old women all in there together!

What do you think about that?

Monday, March 7, 2016

Media Re-writing Politics

I was searching for a Lindsey Graham interview that I had seen to show my wife that the Republican establishment were beginning to come around to support Ted Cruz. Ah ha!

WAIT! that isn't what I saw! they spliced in a segment about Trump! Though it still seems to be bashing Trump, honestly it makes him sound pretty good! Some clever RINO edited this video.

Now look at what they edited out.

Those are entirely different messages. So when you are watching media clips, look for the nice splices, maybe they just got rid of something boring, or maybe, as in this last clip, they didn't want you hearing a decisive Yes.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Bill Clinton, Trump and Hillary - Comic Times

The photo is true. The words are a work of fiction. Any correlation to the actual conversation taking place are purely accidental as the author has no knowledge at all of the topic being discussed and does in no way desire to slander or defame the impeccable reputations of such outstanding American citizens.  

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Super Tuesday Shows Why Conservative Republicans Can't Win a Race

So news it out, Donald Trump won about 90 more delegates than Ted Cruz. Wait! I'm sorry my boss doesn't like that guy.  For the rest of the post we'll have to scratch that name out. Re-take! 

Donald Trump beat the favorite conservative Republican Marco Rubio by 210 delegates. WOW! If we all could get behind Rubio, he could beat Trump! yes!

While many will look at this as a Trump victory, I would like to point out, that it actually illustrates how stupid conservatives are. Lets play a clip first, you really only need to hear the first part, the last is bashing the newspaper and how irrelevant it is in modern day society.

However it does  illustrate how Conservatives are divided!
If you look at the votes, Ted Cruz did very well considering everyone hates him.

 Here is how the delegate votes stacked up.

Trump: 316
Ted Cruz: 226
Marco Rubio: 106
John Kasich: 25
Ben Carson: 8  

So lets all support the poster child Marco Rubio for president! yay! He's our only hope for a true conservative candidate to beat Trump!!!

Conservatives! Get a clue!
I swear some you couldn't place a bet on a winning horse WHILE THE RACE WAS IN PROGRESS!!! No lets bet on the little lame horse at the back of the pack because I have faith that he's going to get a second wind and blow past the leaders!!!


Looks if conservatives would pull their heads out of the sand long enough to face reality, the Republican nomination wouldn't be going to the big blustering RINO in chief! You split your votes over FOUR! YES I SAID FOUR CANDIDATES AND YOU WONDER WHY CONSERVATIVES ARE LOSING???!!!

Do some simple math. Add the votes from Rubio, Kasich, and Carson to the next closest horse in this race (Ted Cruz) and conservatives CAN win! 

WHAT THE $#!*@!!!!!!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton not so Different

I've been wondering if Trump is trust worthy, or if he needs for business purposes, another four years of democratic policy making which is why he is running as a Republican. You know, divide the party, and eventually lose to Hillary Clinton when she trots out his record to show he is part of the war on women.

In this video at the 1 minute mark Bill Clinton deftly throws it out there that Trump was friends with him. Nice casual off the cuff hint, but will it become more in a race against Hillary?

Here is another clip showing that Trump wanted to support Hillary.

Now are there any other connections? What is something Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have in common?

Guess what, Donald Trump is in support of Universal Health Care as well.

Sounds very much like Hillary's Universal Health Care. Now remember all presidential candidates make big promises. Republican, Democrat whatever.

And now the great Donald has flip flopped on his position. Why?

Donald Trump likes to compare himself to the modern day Regean. Here is what that President said about Donald and Hillary's healthcare plans.

So I have to ask, do you really want either Donald Trump making "deals" on capitol hill? It's obvious all the other politicians do. Do you really want Government health care?

A Story and a Question to you

Last time I had to talk to the government, they owed me a refund check. Having moved I was required to submit a change of address form. I have never lost my temper on the phone before, however when the public servant in a very patronizing tone informed me it wasn't their fault that I couldn't manage to  send in a simple change of address form, (after doing so three times) I lost my temper!!

I just imagine how much angrier I would be if I were waiting on government health care before my wife or child could get the care they needed. What would I do in this situation if instead I got a patronizing government bureaucrat? And what can you do? Take your money elsewhere? Write a nasty letter to some politician who's probably golfing in Hawaii or on a campaign trail?

Honestly what do you do when the government fails? Wait four years to elect someone else and hope your loved ones can hang on?

Who is the real Donald Trump?
He seems to be a self aggrandizing egotistical pompous businessman that is entirely untouchable in his own little world that whatever he is saying at the current moment IS the truth, and if you say otherwise, YOU'RE A LIAR!!!  

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hillary on Gun Control

Hillary Clinton is pushing for control over "senseless" gun violence. Lets applaud her in that. Watch this youtube clip where she takes lines from the Declaration of Independence, i.e. Pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, and says it's a constitutional right that every American has as well, therefore we need gun control.

It's an interesting blurring of the lines between Declaration and Constitution, however one document grants us rights and citizens, while the other was to obtain those rights.

Now to set some things straight about gun control. Because if you listen carefully, Hillary specifically says "Gun Violence."

So lets looks at what happens when a country institutes gun control.

The Democrats and many people who think gun control will help, don't want to admit this. Some how they feel making laws to enforce laws will make things better. After all, you use a gun on someone in America, you better be well within your rights or you already will end up in serious trouble. And for a drop of common sense, whenever did law breakers begin abide by laws anyways where instituting gun control will work!

Have a look at this video I found on the gun ban in Australia.

It's just common sense people! There are bad people in the world. Politicians support 610 billion dollars of defense spending to guarantee our security from them. However what do they want the average citizen to do? Well that will probably be very unclear until its signed into law and like our socialized health care system, found to be very bad for the public.

Simple answer is this, stop trusting the government, stop supporting the candidate who is ultimately going to promote bigger government, and start using some common sense and sticking up for yourself.

And honestly, if you want to stick up for yourself with a brick, a knife, or some sticks when the bad guys come, that's fine, I wish you lots of luck. Personally I want a loaded pistol or very scary rifle if my home is invaded  and my wife and family threatened.

Use some common sense. The only thing that stops the bully from picking on you is to stand up to him. And if he has a gun and you don't, well how is that going to happen? Or do you think the criminal is going to abide by Hillary Clinton's gun laws?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Trump can't win against Hillary

Donald Trump deserves credit for turning the "politically correct" world on it's ears. And I have a certain amount of respect for him self funding his campaign. However we did see him drop out of a debate that was being moderated again by Megyn Kelly after a debate where she asked him this question.

Now take it how you like, spin it how you like, but simple fact is that Donald Trump DID skip the next debate moderated by Megyn Kelly. Voters! this man can not just skip a debate with Hillary, do you think she will be kind and gentle to him over his record and treatment of women? She will be playing for the female vote. They do make up 50% of the population you know.

This video of Donald Trump making sexist remarks came up with just a simple youtube search. Watch it and ask yourself, what dirt can the Clinton's find on Trump?

Now again the Trump camp has put a spin on this, and perhaps even bought off Brande. Never the less his behavior in this video is disrespectful of women. Is this the man you think will be able to beat a woman in a competition for President?

Remember folks, there has been eight years of a Democrat in the white house. Now since this could change, and with that change things could become de-funded, projects set on hold, a lot of money can be made or lost. How can we as voters be sure the consummate businessman isn't just using his power to throw the election to keep another four years of Democrat policy making in play?

Do you really trust Trump?

Friday, February 19, 2016

Russian Aggression should be used rather than feared

It's election season in America and there has been a lot of sabre rattling from Republican Presidential Candidates looking to appear strong enough to be Commander-in-Chief. I have also read numerous reports stating that the Russian military is rebuilding and Vladimir Putin is playing cold war brinksmanship.

Lets address Russia's rebuilding of it's military. Different reports provide varying numbers, however this graph should give you a close idea of how the world stands in military spending.

Good old US of A is still doing okay. So why all the sabre rattling? Well it seems pretty meaningless to me. It isn't the cold war anymore, so why all the concern over Russian aggression and rebuilding? Well it sells things. Fear of Russia helps people in the military and it's industrial complex wanting new aircraft carriers, fighters, and weapon systems get the money to build them.

Granted Russia and Vladimir Putin shouldn't be trusted as far as we can throw him. However, considering the United States currently out spends Russia in military hardware, I'd say we actually could throw him a long ways.

There is a very real problem in the world though, and that is terrorism. The American public doesn't have the stamina for invading countries and staying there for decades. It also doesn't have the image for it. America in the past has been seen as the liberator and pillar of justice in the world. I ask, why the heck are we tarnishing our good name globally when Russia now is very willing to do it?

They need a reason to rebuild their military and Russia has a lot of weapons we don't want terrorist having. Plus if they think a country is harboring terrorist. They'll simply blow it away. Now I know a lot of people are going to take issue with this saying that Russia is harming innocent civilians. Well people, I'm sorry but those civilians aren't stupid, and if every little country harboring terrorist became afraid their homes would be destroyed, those terrorists would shortly be without support.

War is a nasty business, and frankly it seems American's don't have the fortitude for it until we've been horribly wronged. Such as 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and German U-boats torpedoeing our ocean liners.

I'd like to see a President in office who didn't paint the Russians as the boogyman but instead allowed them to do the dirty work. I've met Russians and they are not bad people. However they are a very aggressive people which would be excellent in the War on Terror. Now of course Russia is backing a different side in the civil war in Syria than we are, and this will allow Russia to grow stronger and more influential. Why do we care?

However America is still an economic powerhouse, we have other way of exerting power and influence that many Nations do not. It would be a breath of fresh air to see a President play to the strengths of America and have enough confidence in our great country that he could see Russia as a useful ally rather than a cold war boogyman.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

US Navy Super Carriers - Tools or Toys?


I just read in a Newsweek article about China's new anti-ship ballistic missile. And there is a debate brewing over the cost of America's super carriers which sit at $13 billion each. The Navy wants three more this year which all together is roughly the cost of Russia's 2015 military budget.

Two issues I would like people to consider. First in reading the article our military says that if they had any fears of one of our carriers being disabled or destroyed they would not deploy it. Reasoning is that carriers are such a symbol of our national power that to lose one would be a disaster.

Another problem to consider is that aircraft carriers are becoming obsolete. The Navy denies this. However think back to World War II when the Navy denied Battleships becoming obsolete. It took Pearl Harbor and the destruction of most of our battlewagons by aircraft to change their minds.

Now China has developed a missile to destroy our carriers. Read about it in this Newsweek article.

Policy makers really should consider the fact that when you hold true to a weapon too long, your enemy will learn to counter it. Perhaps we need to changed our tactics with carriers?

Also if you have multi-billions of dollars invested into military assets that you won't risk losing, they are no longer tools, but toys. If this really is the attitude of the Navy, we should seriously consider an alternative to building super carriers.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Deportation and Immigration - An Un-American Dream

Deportation and Immigration
An Un-American Dream

It was the first battle of World of Warships for the day when some blockhead had to say this:
LordSteve: “Trump in 2016!!!!!!!
Spliff_original: “Time to evict the Mexicans and towel heads”
LordSteve: “I agree, evict them all”
HMSPancake: “Those towel heads and Mexicans do the jobs you lazy ass Americans don’t wanna do so yeah please evict them”
SquirtleSoup: “Evict all the immigrants, if you aren’t native, get out.”
LordSteve: “All those immigrants want is free money and to knock up our white women.”
HMSPancake: “So all white people need to leave, that’s what you are saying.”  

While this is a conversation from a computer game, and certainly not a selection of America’s finest, it made me think of an old friend. As a young man in the workforce I met someone who I worked beside for years. He came to this nation in the back of a truck. He told me how he was crammed in there so tight he was in the fetal position for days. The person next to him was dead. This young man worked hard and got paid less than I. Illegal Immigrants, undocumented workers, or as I call them, economic slaves, don’t get paid overtime and you bet they work it. This young man works sixty, to eighty plus hours a week for regular pay. Why? So his family back in Central America can eat! To pay for his little sister to go to medical school and become a nurse. He works this hard to better himself and his family, to have the opportunity to live life to the fullest. He once told me he hadn’t seen his mother in ten years because he is scared if he went home, he wouldn’t survive the return trip into the United States of America.
This saddens me greatly. I believe in the American dream. It used to be called The Land of Opportunity, where men traveled over land and sea following a dream of bettering themselves through hard work, their merits and accomplishments. It still is that for some. For my friend it certainly is all that. You see my friend is an American at heart.  But sadly the American Dream of opportunity is being denied him. Why?
It reminds me of a bunch of boys who find a great big tree having an idea they build a tree house, where they can be free. To build it they have to recruit others to help. Now that the tree house is large, grand and built, what have they done? They close the main door, denying others equal access until thoroughly vetted and approved as desired club members. However there are things that need fixed, and dirty jobs requiring hard work. The people already “in” make more money elsewhere, even sitting at home doing nothing. So who shows up to do this dirty work? Visiting boys hearing of opportunity to work and feed themselves sneak into the great tree house all to make some money offered by the “in” boys who don’t want to do it. And since these “visitors” can be evicted at any time, because there technically is a “No entry, unless approved” sign posted, some of the boys in the tree house find they can make good money because the “visiting” boys will work for less than an “original tree house boy.” If they don’t, “Out with you!”
Is this the American Dream? Do not deny it has come to this. It’s even evident in our presidential election. Donald Trump says Senator Cruz isn’t eligible for presidential office. Why? Because of his pedigree?
Since when did this great country become one of inspecting each other’s lineage? Think back in history of a great empire to which pedigree was very important. It used to be called Great Britain from which America rose up in arms against and declared itself independent of its injustices. Furthermore do you know what Great Britain did with people who where found dishonorable, or who fell out of favor with it’s society and laws? In other words to it’s outcasts? They migrated or were deported to America.
The United States of America has replaced Great Britain as the world’s super power. It was built and filled with “second chancers” and founded upon freedom to choose to be whoever you wanted to be, to worship your god, and to live life to the fullest you possibly could.
Yet that America is no longer here. We financial enslave those who risked their life for the American Dream; we inspect our Presidential Candidate’s pedigree as finely as an English Aristocrat to see if they are “American enough”.
And to top it off I have to listen to hypocrites muck up my computer gaming time saying things like “evict the Mexicans and towel heads who have come here for free money and to knock up our white women!”
ENOUGH! Face it! We are a land of immigrants, of people with less than perfect backgrounds, and of second chancers! The America I choose to live in is one of honesty! Judging a person on their merits. Not their race, lineage or background!
Do I believe that immigrants should be in this country legally? YES! Do I think they should come here legally? YES! But face the facts that it is NOT the illegal immigrants fault he is here! There is an economy setup for them! Giving them opportunity to feed their families and better themselves! THEY didn’t set it up! If you were starving, working hard as a child of eight years old to stay alive and feed your family, and at times you had to do things like sling the dead smelly carcass of an Anaconda over your shoulders to drag it away from your jobsite because the stink was too much to bear, all for a couple dollars a day, wouldn’t YOU move to a country where you could make hundreds of dollars per day and have better working conditions? Where you could put your little sister through school and give your family a better life? Have a car and an apartment with air conditioning, hot water and good food?
And why should we evict these people? No let’s take this further. Why should we deny these people citizenship? They are in this country for the same reasons our ancestors came to America. Do you think we don’t have enough room? Do you think they will become a tax burden on us? Newsflash, our government in its supreme wisdom already gives them aid and support. We call immigrants leaches but they can’t be anything else because they aren’t able to pay taxes since they are “undocumented workers”. Why is this country being so Un-American in its way of dealing with immigrants? Perhaps because there is lots of money to be made by keeping them that way and being able to deport them at will if they cause any sort of fuss? We’ve built an economy on the backs of illegal immigrants. They pick our lettuce; they fold the linen in our hotels and our resorts, they install our landscaping. They provide services for far cheaper than a “documented” worker and provide employers the chance to skip on paying taxes and benefits. But at what cost? On top of it, because these are immigrants who WE are paying to be in this country to provide services that make our costs lower and help our businesses, it is in essence slavery. Or if you don’t want to agree with that, we have created a working class within our own nation that hasn’t the rights to vote or speak out like their fellow workers. Even though they may work just as hard, be just as responsible, and contribute to our great society just as equally, they have no voice. Therefore we have become as Great Britain in using a people for services to make money, yet denying them representation.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fox News Google Debate Takeaway

Fox News Google Debate Takeaway

After watching the entire debate streaming online I think Fox delayed the stream by an hour so they could edit the stream. There were clips of Ted Cruz that I never saw. Granted I had to refresh my browser a couple times so maybe I missed it.

So lets do a takeway on the candidates and the moderators.

Ted Cruz
What little I heard of him was fairly well put together. There were some clips played afterwards which were not flattering to his image. Stick to the good humor jabs and speaking directly.

Ben Carson
A very smart and respected gentleman with no doubt a lot of common sense. No stage polish, nor practice in politics. Honestly, in dealing with global issues and talking with other leaders we need someone who has played the game. And more worrisome, whoever goes head to head with Hilary is going to have to be able to play to the crowd.

Marco Rubio
Okay obviously the darling of the news networks. Handsome, has some great speech skills. Does this man really have integrity and spine?

Rand Paul
Mr. Paul. You are very smart, and your hair makes you look like a fop. Also running on the platform of monetary responsibility is boring.

Chris Christie
You've already shown how you'll be as a President in the whitehouse. "I had not knowledge of Bridgegate, those responsible have been fired." Uh........not buying it. As their boss you are responsible, that's how command works. Suck it up.

John Kasich

Jeb Bush
Initially impressed with his speak abilities, then saw him falter and finish lamely a couple times when he got off his script. Bush's are known for their public speaking, that's why Clintons have bested them every time.

Fox News
Okay so you obviously have your favorite. I seems you slighted the most important candidate on the plateform denying him the opportunity to use this debate to get ahead of Trump, however it may also have been great because it revealed how poor the rest of the candidates are. Seriously please stop trying to push the handsome young Rubio ahead in the polls. He isn't going to make it this time.  

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trump Attacks Cruz's Pedigree

To attack ones place of birth for leadership of Free America is to align oneself with the English Aristocracy from which this nation fought. Trump might as well put on a wig (oh wait he already does:) and declare 'Dear Mr. Cruz. your lineage is of questionable repute' sniff 'therefore I am the better pick to lead this great nation of America.'

Who the heck cares? This great country was made up of immigrants and deportees who were the scum of English society. Let us not now bicker over our pedigree.

Instead please show us how you are a better leader and will make this nation stronger, economically sounds, and up hold the constitution. Show us your common sense and ability to prevail with sound judgement against policies that would damage the rights of the everyday American.

Show us how you will negotiate trade deals with foreign powers and maintain peace and stability to that American interest may flourish while benefiting other nations who choose to align themselves with us.

Enough of the endless sniping reminiscent of jealous school boys wanting to win a popularity contest.   

Donald Trump on Eminant Domain

Donald Trump in one breath says he did not bulldoze a ladies house, and in the next justifies eminent domain......which is bulldozing houses is it not?

Yes people who have their property taken by eminent domain do get paid money for their house. Is it a lot? I guess you would have to define what a lot is.

If you build your family's dream farm, raise your children there and it happens to be nicely positioned close to town, not to far from your work and good schools you've got it good. After many years suddenly your house and barn is gone. In it's place is a public school.

What amount of compensation covers losing that land, house and place where so many memories where made? 

Donald Trump defends eminent domain because he isn't in the position where it hurts him. In fact he seems to like being able to take people's choice away from them in exchange for compensation determined by some appraiser.

Voters please listen to this man's words. 

Two Faced Trump

Two Faced Trump

Donnie Trump called Ted Cruz a "nasty guy", says that no US Senator or congressman that will stand beside Ted Cruz and he can't make deals. Watch:
Donnie furthermore says the establishment is against him. Is this true? Look at this youtube video.

 Looks like Mr. Trump is being a bit two faced. He has quite a bit of "establishment" support. As a voter I'm tired of empty promises of "change" which inevitably means "making deals".

Politicians are politicians. They have to differentiate themselves with an elephant and donkey logo, but in the end, they are the same. 

So if you pick a politician who is "liked" by his fellow politicians, you are picking the "establishment's" man. So Mr. Trump to say you don't have the establishment's support and then attack your opponent because no one in in the establishment likes him, strikes me as a bit inconsistent and two faced.